To protect your data, you must first understand it.

Your company’s sensitive data is important to many stakeholders, including your employees, your business, and your customers, and this has always been true. The requirement to protect this data is not simply an internal best practice. The penalties for failing to comply can jeopardize much more than the data—your success in the industry and financial standing could fall into jeopardy.

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Manage and protect privacy with data encryption throughout the lifecycle.

The Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager is a comprehensive solution to address theprivacy governance needs of enterprises. The solution enables customers with the ability to manage and protect sensitive structured data throughout its lifecycle, from discovery and classification to protection and reporting from a single pane of glass.


Find sensitive structured data in active and inactive systems across the enterprise.


Analyze and classify data such as names, social security numbers, IDs and more based on-pre-set libraries.


Enforce centrally-set privacy and security policy and manage data across the enterprise from a single pane of glass (e.g., move, delete, quarantine, notify or protect


Mask or Pseudonymize sensitive data using encryption and tokenization, protecting privacy while keeping it usable for business processes and analytics.


Document every action taken throughout the process and generate reports for compliance audits.

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