Ways to Buy: TX DIR Contracts

Texas DIR is a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for State and Local Government, public education and other public entities focused in Texas, but also serving public entities outside of the State. Infocorvus LLC's solutions that can be purchased on this contract include the following:




Infocorvus LLC., offers Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contract (ITSAC) services through this contract at set not-to-exceed labor rates. Customers may competitively solicit ITSAC services through requests for resume or statements of work (SOW). Contracts may be used by all eligible Customers including Texas State Agencies, as defined by TGC 2054.003 (13), units of Local Government, as defined by TGC 2054.003 (9), cities, counties, public school districts, municipalities, Special Purpose Districts, Institutions of Higher Education, as defined by TEC 61.003, assistance organizations, as defined by TGC 2175.001, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), Private Schools, as defined by TEC 5.001, Private or Independent Institutions of Higher Education, as defined by TEC 61.003, Volunteer Fire Departments, as defined by TTC 152.001, Public Safety Entities, as defined by 47 U.S.C. Section 1401, County hospitals, public hospitals or hospital districts, and public entities outside Texas, as defined by TGC 2054.0565. Resellers are not available for this ITSAC contract. For more information regarding this program, please refer to the Texas DIR Website.

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  • Obtain a Quote by visiting the Infocorvus website and completing the Contact Us form, or request a Quote via email to Sampath Sreetharan
  • Generate a Purchase Order
    • Order must reference DIR Contract No. DIR-CPO-4666
    • All orders must be made payable to Infocorvus LLC
    • Address purchase orders to your designated Infocorvus LLC sales representative
  • Call Infocorvus LLC at (512)-814-8689
  • Designated Order Fulfillment: There are no resellers on this contract. Customers can purchase directly through this DIR contract.

Contact Information

Sampath Sreetharan

Phone: (512)-814-8689

Services available under this Contract are limited to the staff augmentation services provided on a time and hourly basis. This Contract is part of the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts Program.